A situation where you can’t control the placement, amount, or intensity of the light; where you cannot add to or modify what is there.

Subjects that are moving quickly in a very dynamic situation. What you want to capture will happen only once, and then, in a moment, it will be gone. There will be no retakes or do-overs; ‘Get it right or go home!’

Time limits enforced by schedules, and troops known as Security.

The ultimate restriction: do not interfere, in any way, with what is going on around you, or block anyone’s view or enjoyment of the performance. People may have paid to watch the show.

These challenges are no different than those I face when I shoot sports. In essence, capturing live performances overall share the same issues.

And it’s those issues that get the adrenaline flowing, that get my heart beating, that put me into “fight or flight mode” — that make this type of photography both exciting and rewarding. Doing it right is a rush, and that’s why I do it.